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Freefall Tournament Game Free Download (Latest)




Its a space military themed fps, with 3 classes, 5 unlockable characters, 3 maps and a single player mode. The game offers 3 base classes, Assault, Support and Sniper. Assault is your only immediate offensive class. It's the kind of soldier that prefers working closer to the action, using effective cover and aiming to pick off enemies. Sniper uses a scope to allow a sneakier approach. It's the kind of soldier that uses long range attacks and can dominate a map if they position themselves well. Support is your defensive class. It's the kind of soldier that prefers the support role, and will have a strong passive character. It's all about making sure the back line is safe and that you're able to pick off enemies on your own. These 3 classes allow players to mix and match characters. The game offers character customization via cosmetic sliders, unlocking bonuses in certain maps, etc. In FreeFall, we like to call these characters weapons. Each class has its own gunplay that suits their style. Assault weapons like the Galaxion Cannon, the Jagermeister, the Claymore. Sniper's like the Springbok and the MG42. Support class like the A-10 Warthog and the Kublanova. The game also offers 4 unlockable characters. They've each got their own special class, some have extra weapons, some have unique environmental interactions. They can make a large difference when mixed with the other classes. The game has a friendly match making system. All you need to do is press enter and you're already paired off with a random partner. The game has a ladder system. The higher ranked you go, the better teams you'll be able to play. There's also an offline LAN tournament mode available. The Matchmaking system is simple. You play to the death and the last person standing wins. If no one is standing after a match, the game ends. It's possible to do both 1v1 and 2v2, with 2v2 being the better option. In 2v2, players can have a random support class or two (like Tank and Medic), or a mix of classes. The Ladder system allows you to climb through the ranks and unlock better maps, character sliders, and different weapons. You also have an option to unlock other games on Players can jump between maps by exiting and entering the different rooms. Players spawn in different rooms of




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